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3 Quick Tips to Frame A Canvas Painting

Art Framing

When it comes to framing a canvas, it is a bit different from the normal framing of any picture. You won’t have to use glass while framing a canvas.

A canvas painting can be framed in 3 ways:

  1. Canvas with normal traditional frame
  2. Canvas with floating frame
  3. Canvas with no framing

Canvas Framing
1. Normal traditional framing: In this kind of framing, your stretched canvas is covered on all 4 sides by the frames. In this case, a part of the canvas remains inside the framing from all sides. 






Floating Canvas Frame


2. Floating frame: In this kind of framing, frame color and style need to be matched with the canvas picture. Then this frame is attached with the canvas which creates a complete illusion to visualize as if the canvas is floating inside but not touching the main picture frame.


Canvas with no framing

3. No frame: the canvas can be hanged directly over the wall without any framing. It also gives a classic way to showcase and decor the collections.



Personally, the floating frame option is my favorite. It adds a depth to the art in the display. Also as in this kind of framing the frame doesn't touch the canvas sides, which ensures no damage to the canvas corners in the long run in terms of discoloration. In this case, you always have the open option to choose a different frame after a certain time without having to worry about any change in the canvas corners! Tell us how do you like to display your canvas arts. With frame or no frame or floating frame.


Happy decorating your walls with your favorite paintings!








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