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7 Steps to Create Scented Candles at Home

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Scented candles are surely a great way to soothe your senses with its beautiful aroma around you while it burns slowly. Be it while you are relaxing or when you are simply reading a book or working on an art piece…or having a nice dinner party, having scented candles lit around you set a different level of mood altogether.

To get started with making a beautifully scented candle make sure you have the following supplies:

Wax: The major ingredient of the candle with which the whole process starts is wax. It comes in various kinds like paraffin, soy, beeswax. Choose as per your needs.

Wick: It is the heart of the candle. It is the part that is ignited to flame the candle.

Fragrance oil: If not taken the fragrance oil you are just burning the wax. It is the ingredient that adds an aroma to the candle. You can choose from the wide range of fragrance oil available in the market.

Boiler: It is required to boil down the wax to mold it in the desired shape and structure.

Container: It is required to pour the melted wax into. The choice of the shape and size of the container depends on what look of the final product you are expecting.

7 steps to create the candle:

Scented candles

Prepare the work area first. It is the place where you are planning to start your candle making. Arrange all the necessary products at the workplace for carrying out the process.

  • Step 1 - Put the solid wax in a metal container that can be placed over the flame.
  • Step 2 - Ignite the flame under the container to melt down the wax. As the wax starts melting continuously, stir it so that there is no piece of solid wax remaining unmelted.
  • Step 3 - While the wax is melting, adhere your wick to the container in which you are planning to put the melted wax.
  • Step 4 - After the wax is melted, add fragrance oil of the choice in the melted wax. Stir it well to ensure that it is mixed evenly in the wax. And leave it for a minute to get the optimal temperature of the wax before pouring into the container.
  • Step 5 - Once the wax gets to optimal temperature pour it slowly into the container in which you have adhered the wick. Ensure the wick stays adhered to the bottom while pouring. To secure the wick, make stand support around the wick which helps to keep it in place.
  • Step 6 - After pouring the wax let the wax cool off and settle down in the container.
  • Step 7 - Once it is settled, trim the extra wick off the candle and clean the wax around the container. After completing the process you will have a beautifully scented candle. Just light up the candle and feel the aroma in the air.

Ta-da! Your scented candle is ready!


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