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How to Hang a Canvas Art Print on Wall

How to hang canvas print

Bought a canvas art print? And wondering how do you hang it on the wall? It’s a straight-forward process. Here is what you can do to hang your favorite print on the wall.

If it is printed on canvas material, then the best way is

  1. To get it stretched first
  2. Then get it framed
  3. Or, you can even hang the stretched canvas directly without framing!

Here is how you can get your canvas print stretched very easily!


  1. Any local framer would stretch the canvas for you. Here is what stretching means.

  2. A frame or stretcher is built out of wood

    canvas stretching

  3. Your canvas print is stretched on the frame & stapled on each side.

    stapling canvas

  4. The corners are needed to be folded & stretched properly before stapling.

  5. Now once your canvas is stretched, you can get it framed with a hanging hook attached.

  6. Else even without getting it framed, you can also have the hanging hook attached directly to the canvas frame back side to hang it.

    We hope these tips help you easily get your canvas prints ready to hang on your favorite wall! Happy decorating!


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